Dr Eleanor Parker

Dr Eleanor Parker

Veterinary Surgeon - B VSc BSc (Microbiology)
Hobart Animal Hospital

Eleanor is a Massey University graduate who has worked in small animal practice since 2010.

From a young age Eleanor’s dream was to work with animals. At school she enjoyed science and so becoming a veterinarian was an easy decision to make when the time came to choose a career.

Her original plan was to visit Hobart for a couple of years and then move on, but as often happens, she fell in love with Tasmania and decided to make it her home.

Eleanor’s main interest is in medical cases but she also enjoys the daily interaction with pets and their owners during general veterinary work.

Her best advice to clients is to consider pet insurance believing that it really makes a difference when a loved pet is ill. She feels that insurance takes the financial stress out of the situation allowing the veterinarian to provide the best diagnostics and treatment for the best possible outcomes.

Eleanor also encourages regular health checks so diseases and problems can be found early given pets can’t tell their owners when they are feeling unwell!

Every year Eleanor attends conferences to keep up to date with the latest veterinary information.

Her elderly cat, Minty is living with family in New Zealand.

Outside work, Eleanor enjoys riding her mountain bike on local trails, bush walking and enjoying the Tassie outdoors.